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Ishida Akira profile translations

Finally~ I decided to put it here as well. I might as well gather all my seiyuu-related translations up here. This page will be all Ishida-san's official profile translations. I think so far I have 4 of them. I'll be updating this page after I finish translating each one. For one thing, the most recent profile is the easiest.

Last updated: February 5, 2007

1. Ishida Akira official profile 1Collapse )

2. Ishida Akira official profile (2005)Collapse )

3. Ishida Akira official profile (2006)Collapse )

4. Ishida Akira official profile (date UNKNOWN)Collapse )
A short collection of some Ishida-san Trivia found on the net posted by fans on sites such as lain.gr.jp or 2ch and more, then translated by me. I can't guarantee the accuracy of these facts nor the accuracy of these translations (as I am just doing these for practice and fun). However, some are actually quoted from words Ishida-san said himself or wrote, some from magazines and some from events, so some of them are pretty believable. And please forgive my ugly English T_T

I figured I'd make this post public as I think any Ishida-san fan would be interested. If you want to use these rather poor translations elsewhere online, please contact me first. Thanks.

This page is no longer updated regularly. I may add anything I come across in the future though.

July 10th, 2008
- added #35

May 26th, 2008
- added #34

1. What did Ishida-san first think of when he got into that bike accident years and years ago?Collapse )

2. Hard to approach?Collapse )

3. Sing or quit being a seiyuu...Collapse )

4. Ishida-san made a few children cry?Collapse )

5. During a recording... Ishida-san apparently hit someone with the script...Collapse )

6. Ishida-san and his phone call with Morikubo Shoutarou...Collapse )

7. Prank!Collapse )

8. What special powers does Ishida-san want to have?Collapse )

9. Ishida-san and Koyasu-san during BL recordings...Collapse )

10. Ishida-san and Snoopy...Collapse )

11. Ishida-san and his clothes in Haruka Matsuri 2006 (new edits)Collapse )

12. Ishida-san wasn't allowed into the studio??Collapse )

13.Hoshi-kun and Ishida-san's first meetingCollapse )

14. Ishida-san's best buddy is...Collapse )

15. Ishida-san... seiyuu since he was a kid??Collapse )

16. Ishida-san's first love...?Collapse )

17. Reason why Ishida-san kept his hair brown... (Morimori-ness included)Collapse )

18. Ishida-san thinks Morimori is a what type of animal?Collapse )

19. What is one role that left an impression on Ishida-san?Collapse )

20. Something he does himself...Collapse )

21. Ishida-san and cell phones...(edit)Collapse )

22. Ishida-san and Kaida Yuki-san's birthday present exchange...Collapse )

23. What did Kaida Yuki-san do (involving Ishida-san) on her birthday?(edit x 2)Collapse )

24. Ishida-san and one of his convenience store stories...Collapse )

25. Ishida-san has panic disorder...?Collapse )

26. Why doesn't Ishida-san visit his family on new years?Collapse )

27. Ishida-san and Chinese exchange student...Collapse )

28. Ishida-san and the tickets to HeroQ stageplay...Collapse )

29. Ishida-san and an episode in the rain (edit on source + DATE + Suwabe's entry!)Collapse )

30. Have you done it lately?(Gokudo-kun radio)Collapse )

31. Ishida-san and Valentine chocolateCollapse )

32. Ishida-san and emailCollapse )

33. Katsura, Gintoki and Kagura real life!Collapse )

34. Ishida-san and his sisterCollapse )

35. Ishida-san's biggest farewellCollapse )