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Journal of a girl born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, Canada. Content of this journal includes seiyuu (recently it has been mainly Hatano Wataru, Taniyama Kishou), BL and other random stuff. Please comment if you would like to be added.

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Since 040518


My 3rd seiyuu trivia list!

Just some interesting and funny (maybe not XD) facts of Hatano Wataru that I have gathered out of fun (and love for Waccha <3).
Everything that is listed here comes from either radio shows or free talks or events etc where he, or another seiyuu talked about the events/facts unless otherwise specified. I'll try to list the sources for every point. If you see any mistakes or have anything suggestions, please let me know.

I'll try to update this when I remember, so check back once in a while XD
Updates will be asterisked and will usually be at the bottom of the list in each category

Last updated:
November 4, 2013 (Food & Health, and editing of my English lol)
January 14, 2013 (Daily Life)
January 9, 2013 (Daily Life)
December 24, 2012 (Relationships, Basics)
August 29, 2012 (Family, Personalities & Interests)


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Hakuouki Charity CD

Am lazy... just gonna copy from Twitter.
Wanted to post this earlier but Lj was down.

yycyuki: RT @movic_jp: 【薄桜鬼】東北地方太平洋沖地震により被害を受けられました皆様に心からお見舞い申し上げます。この度チャリティCD「薄桜鬼応援録 絆」の発売が決定致しました。この商品の収益金全ては日本赤十字社を通じて寄付されます。 cot.ag/egVa9B (about 3 hours ago from tGadget)

yycyuki: Charity Hakuouki CD "Ouenroku Kizuna" Release date April 10th all proceeds go towards Japan Red Cross cot.ag/egVa9B (about 3 hours ago from tGadget)
Translated for sharpeslass... The Saiyuuki drama CD that came with last month's ZERO SUM. I didn't get a few lines Gojou said... gomen ne! This is only the actual drama, no cast talk included orz. (Please note that English isn't exactly my strength, so there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there)

The Sanzou ikkou are trying to reach the next town. The four of them in the jeep plays a (short-lasted) game of shiritori and then...?

There is a bit of shimoneta here and there so considered yourself warned.

Read more...Collapse )
My second translation to share with everyone for Ishida-san's birthday celebration is the translation of the free talk in the 17th Saiyuki CD (Nothing to Lose ~Kamisama-hen~ kouhen) - the part posted here is the portion where Ishida-san speaks (around the 10:30 mark.) The audio is available to download here or at the birthday post, which I believe most of you came from to get here ^-^ My English turns weird when I translate, but I hope for those who didn't understand the free talk can get an idea :) Enjoy.

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As a little celebration for our lovely seiyuu Ishida-san, I've decided share some translations I've done. The first one is the script and partial translation to the recent Gekkan Animage TV special interview on Ishida-san. I have skipped certain parts and focused on the parts where Ishida-san speaks. The translation is very rough and the script is plagued with mistakes, but I hope for those who don't know much of the Japanese language can get an idea of what was in the interview. Enjoy~ My only request is to not take my script or translations as your own, thank you.

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Another seiyuu translation~

So much hiatus. Well, I'm tired of listening to the history of science (why am I in this course????) so I'll do some translating.

If you could only bring one thing to an abandoned island, what would you bring?Collapse )

Yay~~~ it's almost 10, now that was the way to spend time in a lecture. Hahahahaha. I'm about to collapse from exhaustion. I slept no more than 2 hours last night and had/having 9.5 hours of class today. H E L P .
Going to put more stuff up before school starts... this is a translation from a special question session from an Animage issue featuring Ishida-san and Kojima Sachiko-san. This is probably the first translation I did of Ishida-san... which was from... just two months ago? Haha.

ISHIDA AKIRA X KOJIMA SACHIKO Special Animage January 2006 issue Question 5x4Collapse )

What should be next...


OH my goodness. If only Ishida-san had recordings like these...

Taken from one of his CDs... I have no idea what it's called, but it's a collection of confessions and all sorts of sweet talk from Koyasu Takehito. The last bonus track contains a lengthy good night message... that is...

Koyasu Takehito counts sheepCollapse )

*__________* I'm not a huge huge Koyasu-san fan, but who can resist after listening to this!?!?!?!!!

Trivia trivia~~~ *norinori*

Alike the Ishida-san trivia, this will be updated constantly as soon as I find something interesting.

This page is no longer updated regularly. However, I may update when/if I come across anything :)

Edited: February 9, 2009 (2 added)

Edited: May 26, 2008 (1 added - sorry for the long hiatus T__T)

All trivia is credited to this site unless otherwise specified.
I am still learning Japanese, so I cannot say these are 100% accurate. If you come across any translation mistakes, please let me know.

Morimori and the one thing he really wanted to have...Collapse )

One event Morimori won't invite Ishida-san to is...?Collapse )

Morimori's type~Collapse )

Things Morimori were surprised at first, but then became used to later...Collapse )

I can hear it!Collapse )

Morimori's habit is...?Collapse )

One thing Morimori can't stand~Collapse )

During a school trip Morimori...Collapse )

What animal does Morimori want to be compared as?Collapse )

Morimori = Katori Shingo!?Collapse )

When it rains...Collapse )

Being a fan of the Yokohama Bay Stars...Collapse )

Morimori and barriers...Collapse )

Morimori and Ultra Seven...Collapse )

Morimori and kidnapperCollapse )

An embarrassing eventCollapse )

Morimori's very first jobCollapse )

Elementary-school-Morimori and Valentine's DayCollapse )

Morimori's First DateCollapse )

Before and after Morikawa Toshiyuki...Collapse )

For 365 days...Collapse )

Itadakimasu... |||Collapse )

Train ticketsCollapse )

Special AxlCollapse )