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Translated for sharpeslass... The Saiyuuki drama CD that came with last month's ZERO SUM. I didn't get a few lines Gojou said... gomen ne! This is only the actual drama, no cast talk included orz. (Please note that English isn't exactly my strength, so there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there)

The Sanzou ikkou are trying to reach the next town. The four of them in the jeep plays a (short-lasted) game of shiritori and then...?

There is a bit of shimoneta here and there so considered yourself warned.

Hakkai: It's almost time to go. Make sure you have all your things with you. Let's see... looking from the map, it doesn't seem like we have a long way to go until the next town. If all goes smoothly, we should be able to reach there before sunset. Then, please stick with me for today.


Sanzou: Saiyuuki Special drama CD
Everyone: On the Jeep!


Goku: Cro...cro... croquette!
Sanzou: It was already said a while ago
Goku: WHAT?!
Hakkai: I think it was you, Goku, who said "croquette" before, too
Gojou: There're tons of other things that begin with "ko"! (*croquette in Japanese is pronounced Korokke)
Goku: ....ah! Corn beef! (ko-n beefu)
Hakkai: Fu... fukidamari (*snowdrift)
Sanzou: Ri... ryuumachi (*rheumatism)
Gojou: Those are some boring words... chi... chika... chikan densha. (Chikan = people who grope other people; Densha = train... so the two words together mean people who grope others on the train)
Hakkai: How can you talk about others, Gojou?
Sanzou: If someone can get excited about that word, then it's probably some dangerous erogappa.
Gojou: I would NOT! What do you think I am?
Goku & Sanzou: An erogappa.
Sanzou: ...were we wrong?
Gojou: (didn't understand this line; seems to me like he said "Don't sound like you are so surprised")
Hakkai: Goku, your turn - chikan densha.
Goku: Densha... shasha?
Gojou: You can't end in "ya"
Goku: Sha... Sherbert! (Sha-betto)
Hakkai: Totem pole (totemo pooru)
Sanzou: Ru... Rukeichi (*place of exile)
Gojou: Chi... chi again?
Goku: He did it on purpose
Hakkai: He did it on purpose
Gojou: Chi... chi... chika... cheese croquette?
Goku: I already said croquette before!
Gojou: The croquette you said was a plain croquette! I'm talking about a CHEESE croquette
Goku: Then it means it could be anything - a meat croquette or a crab croquette!
Hakkai: Or a rice croquette or a curry croquette... or a sandwich croquette?
Sanzou: Croquette... croquette... shut up!


Goku: ......why is a croquette called a croquette anyway?
Gojou: I dunno
Hakkai: It was a dish that originated from a continent up north that was called croquette.
Goku: Really~
Goku: Where were we in the shiritori?
Gojou: Let's just forget about it
Sanzou: What a nuisance
Hakkai: We started the game because everyone was bored, didn't we?
Sanzou: Being bored on the road is nothing new
Goku: We've been playing shiritori to the point that we were tired of it
Gojou: We aren't little kids... isn't there something else we can do?
Goku: Why don't we sing something? Like the Frog Song? (*I believe he was talking about this folk song?)
Gojou: Spare me
Sanzou: Just shut up and sit down
Sanzou: (snores)
(Gojou hits Sanzou)
Sanzou: Huhh?
Gojou: Don't "huh" me! You fell asleep just now didn't you!
Sanzou: I didn't
Hakkai: It's pretty rude isn't it~ especially when the person next to you is driving (and keeping awake)
Goku: I know! Hakkai, let's have whoever sleeps during the ride do a punishment game!
Gojou: What?
Sanzou: Silly
Hakkai: That's a good idea! So to the ones who fall asleep, I will...
Goku: Hakkai will..??
Hakkai: I will kiss him.
Goku: ...
Hakkai: On the lips.
Gojou: Ehhhh~~~ Goku! Let's sing the Frog Song!!
Goku: I~~can~~hear~~the~~frog~~song~~~~♪♪♪
Sanzou: Frog---
Hakkai: I'm just joking!
Gojou: The joke really packed a lot of destruction power.
Goku: It even got Sanzou to sing a little!
Sanzou: Stop it with the trash talk and concentrate on the driving!
Hakkai: Fine fine~


Goku: Hmm...hey, Hakkai
Hakkai: What is it?
Goku: Are we by any chance lost?
Hakkai: Nope, we aren't lost at all
Goku: Right, (of course) we aren't.
(silence; Gojou lights a cigarette)
Goku: The wind feels great!
Gojou: That's because it has always been really hot lately
Hakkai: It's a great day for a drive isn't it
Sanzou: We're always on the road anyways regardless of the weather
Goku: There you go again, always saying such blunt things
Gojou: Whose fault do you think it is that we have to be stuck on a jeep with a bunch of guys every day? You stupid monk!
Sanzou: I don't remember asking anyone to follow me!
Hakkai: Maa maa, there's no reason for us to be digging up the past
Goku: Being bored really makes us cranky
Gojou: And it has to be on one of these days that no enemies come to attack us
Hakkai: There's no reason for us to be complaining about peace now is there?
Sanzou: Aren't you just frustrated because you haven't been around women for a while? (*he means horny; the actual word "tamaru" can also be used to describe the accumulation of stress)
Gojou: Oh, so you've finally came to speak shimoneta now. (*note: hard to translate shimoneta - can mean dirty jokes, or just any topic that that is sex-related)
Goku: Oh, Gojou you are frustrated?
Gojou: I am not! And don't go off deciding by yourself that I haven't been around women!
Hakkai: Is that not the case?
Sanzou: That's not what I'm seeing
Gojou: Don't compare me to someone like Himote(?) The successful men will know how to play it right!
Goku: Eh? For example??
Hakkai: I'm interested too in hearing the legends of a popular man.
Sanzou: Go ahead!
Gojou: ...um... never mind.
Goku: WHAT?!
Hakkai: What a disappointment.
Gojou: Why should I reveal my sex life to you guys in broad daylight?
Sanzou: ...because we are bored.
Goku: I bet he doesn't have much to say anyways.
Hakkai: And we wouldn't be able to expect a good ochi either. (*ochi is the Japanese equivalent of a punch line, except it can be used outside of jokes, so it can mean the ending of a story etc)
Gojou: Don't talk behind someone's back when the person is in front of you.


Goku: Hmm... we are sure going through a lot of hills and mountains
Hakkai: We are aren't we? ...We aren't lost by the way.
Goku: Ok.
Gojou: Though you say that...
Sanzou: There isn't a hint of people anywhere.
Goku: Are we nearing the top of a mountain?
Sanzou: I think so. The temperature is pretty cold.
Gojou: To say cold...
(Goku sneezes)
Sanzou: It's damn cold
Gojou: It doesn't feel like it's the afternoon here
Sanzou: There's some fog (Thank you fahya24 for the correction!)
Goku: It's so white over there I can barely see anything!
Hakkai: Can I ask you all something?
Sanzou: Say it
Hakkai: Do you guys like to camp out?
Gojou: I knew it.
Goku: So we ARE lost!!
Hakkai: It's strange... according to the map, there should be some road around here...
Gojou: That's what you say all the time!
Sanzou: The possibility of the terrain changing due to some sort of unusual phenomenon...
Hakkai: It's possible...!
Sanzou: ...you would notice that before you entered the mountain!
Goku: Ah, how rare! Sanzou is getting mad at Hakkai!
Gojou: There's a reason why Sanzou's in such a bad mood!
Sanzou: Damn I ran out of cigarettes!
Goku: Ah... so that's why Sanzou wanted to reach the town so fast!
Hakkai: And you take it out all on me? Isn't that just your own problem, Sanzou?
Sanzou: It doesn't change the fact that you got us all lost!
Hakkai: Well, let me say this. Isn't the person who sits beside the driver normally in charge of all the navigation?
Sanzou: What?
Goku: Oh dear
Gojou: Looks like they are quarreling!
Sanzou: Driving the Jeep is your damn job! Don't point your finger at me!
Hakkai: If you had the time to nap, it would've been better if you helped out a little!
Sanzou: Compared to me, the two behind us are even more useless!
Hakkai: That's why I'm talking to you! The two behind us can't even read a map properly!
Sanzou: It's not my fault that the two behind us are idiots that can't even read a damn map!
Gojou: Hey.
Hakkai: We all rely on Sanzou to lead the way!
Sanzou: ...give me the map. Where are we right now?
Hakkai: I think from here the terrain changed a bit...
Sanzou: So the junction that we just passed by was here... if this valley was closed up and this is connected to it... we can only go around it from here
Goku: It seems like they both reconciled now!
Gojou: (didn't understand, sorry!)
Hakkai: Okay, we are going to make a detour and go back down the road we came.
(sounds of water)
Goku: Huh?
Gojou: You gotta be kidding me! It's coming down!
Goku: It was still sunny just before!
Hakkai: What should we do? Should we take shelter?
Sanzou: We know the town is nearby. We should keep going rather than camping out here.
Hakkai: Alright. Goku, Gojou, keep your eyes opened for any towns below (the mountain).
Goku: But is this okay, Sanzou?
Sanzou: What?
Goku: Hakkai said that rain is bad for your hair... (gets hit) OW!
Sanzou: Stop saying things behind people's backs and look (for the town)!
Gojou: Hey, isn't that the town over there?
Hakkai: Where?
Goku: Ah, there it is! It's beside that hill!
Sanzou: That must be the one
Gojou: If that's the town, we shouldn't need to camp out tonight!
Hakkai: Right. I'll speed up a little
Gojou: What are you laughing about Goku? It's disgusting
Goku: I was just thinking that we can never get bored
Hakkai: You are right
Sanzou: I wouldn't be able to stand someone kissing me because I napped
(Gojou laughs)
Sanzou: What?
Gojou: You just said "kiss" - haha! Even some old geezer wouldn't say that anymore!
Hakkai: If someone said "kiss" to me, I would feel really embarrassed
Goku: It's even more funny because Sanzou said it! Hahaha!
Sanzou: ........shut up! I'll kill you all!
Gojou: If you were going to be embarrassed then don't say it!
Hakkai: If you were going to say it, at least say something like "kuchidzuke" or "seppun" (*they all mean kiss in English... though a bit more formal)
Goku: Either one is just as funny!
Gojou: How about "chuu"??


Hakkai: Thanks for all your work. Have a good night's rest tonight okay? It looks like our journey will still continue. I'll see you tomorrow.


Feb. 18th, 2011 01:20 am (UTC)
You're very welcomed :)